Gender Equality Plan

As a driving force of innovation, Biodrone acknowledges the need for “differences” in creative, as well as productive processes. Thus, Biodrone has an ambition of being an attractive workplace where everybody has the same opportunities, regardless of gender, culture, religion, or sexuality. Amongst our fundamental values: creativity, and progression; there is also a prominent prerequisite of equality and tolerance. This is essential for Biodrone’s ability to recruit key resources for succeeding in what we are passionate about, profitable innovation and sustainability!

Recent data from Statistics Norway show that the Norwegian primary industries are quite far from being balanced in terms of employed gender distribution. In an industry, such as forestry, which has for a long time been dominated by men, in combination with technological advancements, we see no rational reason for specific demographic groups to thrive more than others in the industry. There are probably a series of compounded reasons for these statistics. However, Biodrone has a goal of having a positive impact. Both in terms of equality and sustainability.

This is something we will emphasize when recruiting future key resources to our already multinational workforce. We simply seek the right man or woman for the job.