Become a beta user on Biodrone Portal

In 2024, Biodrone will launch a portal for mapping and analysis using artificial intelligence. We are now looking for future-oriented forest owners and entrepreneurs willing to use the beta version and take the first step into a new future for sustainable resource management.

What is the Biodrone portal

We know that several of the processes in forestry are based on time-consuming and manual labour.

We also know that quality and precision require a lot of time to be spent on manual operations in the forest, which is often unrealistic due to cost and scale.

Through a combination of our drones, and our upcoming Biodrone portal, you can now get an overview of your forest, see where you should cut, uncover any fallen trees or follow changes from year to year.

The Biodrone portal gives you:

  • A simple web interface for creating projects
  • Easy uploading of large amounts of photos taken with your drone
  • Automatically generated orthophoto based on your photos
  • Possibility to analyze your images using machine learning
  • Ready-made models for analysis, as well as the opportunity to train your own to recognize what you want

The process

  1. You express an interest in becoming a beta user
  2. We will contact you to have a brief chat about your needs and expectations
  3. We consider assigning a beta user at the time we believe the portal can contribute to solving your needs and expectations

Who is biodrone

Biodrone is an entrepreneurial company working to revolutionize the forest industry using drones and artificial intelligence. We are located at InnoCamp in central Norway, and have a close collaboration with the largest forest players in Norway and Sweden.

Send us an email on [email protected] to get in touch.