Drone services for the forest industry

In 2023, Biodrone will launch a portal for mapping and analysis using artificial intelligence. We are now looking for future-oriented forest owners and entrepreneurs willing to test the first version.

About Biodrone

We have worked in the drone industry since 2016, and have specialized in drone services within the forestry industry. We have worked closely with the leading organisations in Norway in recent years, both with mapping, analyses, fertilizing and collecting scion.

We are now developing a platform where forest owners and contractors can analyze their drone images using machine learning.

If you want to know more about what we can help you with, or want demo access to our portal, please contact Head of Forestry Division, Joachim Bernd Heppelmann or our CEO, Atilla Haugen.


Joachim Bernd Heppelmann
Head of Forestry Division
Phone: +47 458 66 176
[email protected]


Atilla Haugen
Phone: +47 412 53 455
[email protected]

Meet us on these exhibitions

Austrofoma 2023

When: 26.9 - 28.9.2023
Where: Semmering, Austria

Link: https://www.austrofoma.at


Agrisjå 2023

When: 25.8 - 27.8.2023
Where: Stjørdal, Norway

Link: https://agrisja.no